Ultrasound in Islamshahr for residents of neighborhoods in the south of Tehran and especially islamshahr neighborhoods is one of the problems and problems that have caused some problems.

In order to take an ultrasound appointment in Islamshahr, you need to visit one of the hospitals or medical imaging centers in Islamshahr or surrounding neighborhoods and first take turns from those centers and visit them in another day and time for a scan.

But there is a new solution for you in the scan of medicine. In the scan of medicine, you can easily book an ultrasound in Islamshahr for free.

This ultrasound is performed in Islamshahr from Imam Reza Esmshahr Charity Imaging Center. Stay with us to get to know Imam Reza Islamshahr Center.

Ultrasound in Islamshahr

Ultrasound in Islamshahr (Imam Reza Clinic)

Imam Reza Esmshahr Clinic was started in 1995 in Esmshahr, Tehran, and during these years it has been expanded and expanded, so that it is currently the most equipped clinic in the city.The imaging center is the specialized clinic of Imam Reza charity located on the western side. In this clinic, which covers almost all specialized scans, with experienced staff is accepting and providing medical imaging services to the respected residents of Islamshahr and surrounding towns.

Different parts of the imaging center in Islamshahr include:

Digital Radiology To perform a scan of the upper and lower extremities
Panorex Teeth in Islamshahr
Bone density measurement with advanced device (Norland) for diagnosis of osteoporosis
Heathrows-ptepography (colored uterine radiography) by a highly qualified female doctor
Specialized and routine ultrasounds including conventional pregnancy sono, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound
NT sonosing, biophysical and doppler colored limbs and thyroid, thyroid biopsies and fluid depletion
Digital mammography for early detection of breast cancer in women

کلینیک تخصصی قائمیه اسلامشهرتهران 3

Specialized CT scan, brain and sinuses of the face and nose (for rhinoplate surgery)
Upper limbs including shoulders to fingers
Lower limbs including pelvis to soles
Scans with lung, abdomen and pelvic injections for check-ups of patients with cancer and before surgery and chemotherapy
Lowdose Chest Scan for COVID-19 Detection
The MRI device of Imam Reza Esmasshahr Clinic is a 1.5 tesla equipped device that is able to perform the following scans:

Complete MRI types of spine and upper and lower extremities
Types of mri of the brain with and without decoration and MRA/MRV (cerebrovascular examination)

Contact Information of Imam Reza Esalshahr Charity Clinic

Tehran, Islamshahr, End of Kashani Street, Alley 32
Imam Reza Charity Clinic

Imam Reza Esmshahr Clinic Phone:

91 47 12 56 – 021
03 49 11 56 – 021
996 120 56 – 021

Online appointment from Imam Reza Essalshahr Charity Clinic

Additional information about ultrasound can be found at veryhealth .


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