Home ultrasound is the same as conventional ultrasound. But why is ultrasound possible at home? Just because of the simplicity of the ultrasound!!! Ultrasound is one of the easiest yet most widely used types of medical imaging. However, for this simple ultrasound, you often need to go to one of the ultrasound centers and do your ultrasound. But this may not be possible for everyone. For example, pregnant women who desperately need ultrasounds or elderly and disabled people sometimes do not have the ability to go to these centres. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to perform an ultrasound at home.

Ultrasound at home

Home ultrasound is one of the new medical solutions that has been made possible thanks to recent advances. You do not need an ultrasound at home to get out of the house. Just book an ultrasound at home by taking an ultrasound appointment from a medical scan or contacting medical scan experts.

It should be noted that ultrasound at home is currently possible in Tehran and dear Tehranian citizens can use ultrasound team services at home for up to 6 hours after taking the turn.

Benefits of ultrasound at home

Ultrasound at home has many benefits, such as that when the patient does not need to go to the center, the risk of the patient or pregnant woman’s movement disappears and the less the patient moves in sensitive situations, the faster the healing process.

Another benefit of home ultrasound is that many patients do not feel comfortable in imaging centers. Now imagine that you can do your ultrasound in your cozy room without any disturbances. It is also a very low waste of time in this case. Because the patient no longer needs to sit in a long queue of scans and wait.

Is the quality of ultrasound at home different from ultrasound in the office?

To answer this question, we should say that the quality of ultrasound at home is not different from ultrasound in the office. Because ultrasound imaging is a relatively simple method and in most offices and imaging centers, portable or portable devices are used. Therefore, the quality of ultrasound at home is no different from the outside. Even in some cases, because the patient has less anxiety at home, he has better images than ultrasound in the office.

The less anxiety the patient has during the ultrasound scan and the more comfortable the patient feels, the more accurate the ultrasound response becomes.

Ultrasound prices at home

The price of ultrasound at home is the same as the usual senography tariffs, with ultrasound at home being counted as a free tariff. Of course, you should know that ultrasound tariffs are generally inexpensive and are less expensive than other scans such as ma ER and CT scans.

In the scan, you can see the price of different types of ultrasound .

How is ultrasound done at home?

How to do an ultrasound at home is generally similar to what you do in your office or imaging center. For an ultrasound at home, the radiologist will first contact you and tell you what you need to prepare your ultrasound. The expert then comes home and starts doing a scan.

For most ultrasound examinations, you lie face-to-face. Patients may return to both sides to improve the quality of images.

A radiologist (a doctor specially trained to monitor and interpret radiology examinations) or a sonographer puts you on the device bed. Then, a water-based gel is rubbed in the study area. The gel helps the transducer to make safe contact with the body. It also eliminates air holes between the transducer and the skin that can prevent sound waves from passing into your body. The sonographer places the transducer on the body and moves it back and forth in its desired area to capture the desired images.

Usually, there is no discomfort with the pressure of the transducer on the body because the doctor presses the converter into the examined area slowly. However, if the area is sensitive, you may feel a slight strain or pain from the converter.

In general, during the ultrasound at home, keep in mind that you or your patient will be scanned alone and specifically, so all points will be fully explained to the patient and there is no need to worry.

You can find detailed information about the ultrasound process on the ultrasound reference website radiologyinfo .


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