What is a knee CT scan?

A knee CT scan is a type of computerized tomography (CT scan) that shows cross-sectional images of the knee area. A CT scan of the knee helps doctors diagnose the disease or check for injuries on the knee.

A CT scanner rotates around the body and sends images to the computer. The computer uses these images to create detailed images. This allows trained doctors and technicians to see your muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and bones forming your knee. CT scans are sometimes also known as CAT scans. CT scans are performed at a hospital or specialized outpatient test centre.

Knee CT scan

Why is a knee CT scan done?

CT scans provide more accurate images of the patient’s knee to the doctor than conventional radiology. A CT scan of the knee without incision and exploratory surgery gives the doctor an internal view of the patient’s knee. This can help your doctor make a more accurate diagnosis for knee problems, which can include:
• Collecting pus (abscess)
• Bone fractures
• Torn ligaments or tendons

Knee CT scan

Risks of knee CT scans

The risks of knee CT scans are very low and rare. Sometimes, the contrast color used in this method can cause temporary damage to your kidneys. If your kidneys have already been affected by disease or infection, the risk is higher. There are newer contrast colors that pose a much lower risk to the kidneys.

Like X-ray scans, knee CT scans also have some risk of exposure to radiation. But the surface and size of these rays are so low that it is usually harmless. If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, talk to your doctor. Any exposure to radiation can be harmful to a growing fetus.

How to prepare for a knee CT scan

Before the scan, your doctor will give you complete instructions on how to prepare for a knee CT scan. In some cases, your doctor may use contrast paint. Contrast paint helps provide better images by reacting with imaging equipment. If you have had an allergic reaction to similar colors in the past, let your doctor know before taking the test. The most commonly used color contains iodine, so let your doctor know if you are allergic to iodine.

If you get color, your doctor may instruct you to avoid eating foods and fluids for four to six hours before a CT scan. You should also take off all your jewellery before scanning and wear hospital clothes. You should remove any bandages that are strapped on your injured knee.

Knee CT scan

How to perform a knee CT scan

If your doctor uses contrast paint for a scan, you will be injected with the color intravenously. This means that a nurse injects contrast paint into one of your veins. Before starting the scan, you usually have to wait an hour for the color to circulate completely in your body.
The CT scanner resembles a large doughnut made of metal and plastic. The device has a sliding and moving bed in its center. During the scan, you will lie on the bed. The technician transfers the bed in and out of the device using a remote control.

The technician may ask you to lie down in a specific position during the experiment. They may use pillows or straps to ensure you stay in the right position long enough to have a quality image. You may also have to hold your breath for a short time during certain scans.

If you think you have difficulty staying stable, talk to your doctor in advance.
After a round of scans, you may need to wait for a short time for the technician to check the images to make sure they are clear enough to allow your doctor to read them properly.
A typical CT scan of the knee takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

How to prepare a knee CT scan response

After a knee CT scan, you can continue your day normally. If you’ve received contrast paint, you may have to drink extra fluids to remove the paint from your body. All traces of paint are usually lost within 24 hours. Preparing a knee CT scan usually takes a day.

Taking the turn of the knee CT scan

Taking a CT scan, especially a knee CT scan, is a difficult and time-consuming matter. Because you have to search a lot to find your nearby CT scan center. But a medical scan has provided a very simple and convenient way to take a knee CT scan turn . Through a medical scan, you can get a knee CT scan for free from the nearest CT scan center whenever you are comfortable.

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