The price of ultrasound is usually slightly ambiguous due to the high number of scans and the large number of devices and centers in the country, and it is usually hard to know the exact price of ultrasound scans. In this article, we are going to familiarize you with different ultrasound scans and free price covered by insurance.

In fact, ultrasound is a type of imaging experiment that has sound waves. They use sound waves to capture tissues, organs and other parts of the body. Ultrasound, unlike X-rays, does not use any radiation. This type of imaging is able to show the images in 3D and 2D, of course, note that the price of ultrasound varies according to its type, which we will refer to a few examples of them.

  Ultrasound Price

In general, ultrasound is available in both therapeutic and diagnostic conditions. Applications of ultrasound therapy include: Helping to improve the cell surface, reducing the stimulation of the nerve roots of the body, improving the swelling of the joint sac, to remove the acne, to heal the sprains of the ligaments and more.

The application of diagnostic ultrasound also includes: There are a variety of feminine diseases, vascular and heart diseases, kidney diseases, ocular diseases, neurology diseases, and more. So in general, they use ultrasound imaging devices to diagnose diseases. With the help of this device, they can also easily see the dimensions and stages of fetal development.

Types of ultrasound

As mentioned above, ultrasound has a variety of types, which is why the price of ultrasound varies according to their type. Neurosurgery, abdominal ultrasound, breast ultrasound, muscle ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, liver ultrasound, uterine testicular ultrasound are known examples of different types of ultrasound. In the following, we will briefly explain a few examples of these.

Abdominal ultrasound

Ultrasound Price

Abdominal ultrasound is also an example of sonography, which is primarily used for imaging rolling body organs. Or the use of this type of ultrasound can be in the organs: Gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas and more, diseases such as tumors, tissue damage can also be easily seen.

The price of abdominal ultrasound is as follows:

Type of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Abdominal ultrasound 890000 620000


Liver Ultrasound

With this type of ultrasound, you can find out if the liver is fatty. You can also check for a variety of liver diseases by ultrasound. With these methods, you can prevent liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis reduces blood flow throughout the liver.

Type of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Abdominal ultrasound 890000 620000

Rectal Ultrasound

Rectal ultrasound is actually ultrasound of the anus or prostate. This type of ultrasound can also be notified of rectal pulib, rectal cancer, infection.

Type of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Trans rectal ultrasound 1060000 750000

Doppler Ultrasound

Dopplaric ultrasound is an uncomplicated ultrasound that can estimate the flow of blood vessels. Doppler sonography is used primarily for diseases, blood clots, venous insufficiency, narrowing of the cervical artery and aneurysm. Doppler ultrasound itself is divided into several categories: Power Doppler, Colored Doppler, Spectral Doppler, Doubly Doubly Doppler.

Type of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Doppler ultrasound of the testis and kidney 2480000 1740000
Ultrasonography of the venous artery doppler of an organ 3540000 2480000
Ultrasound doppler venous artery of two limbs 5680000 3980000
Doppler ultrasound of each abdominal organ 2480000 1740000
Doppler Neck Ultrasound 2480000 1740000

Uterine ultrasound

Ultrasound Price

This type of ultrasound is performed to check for lesions in the uterus. With it, you can also learn about ovarian cysts, fibrous and more.

Type of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Uterine ultrasound 1410000 990000

Neurosonology Ultrasound

This type is one of the most specialized types of ultrasound, in which a different device is used. Neurosonology ultrasound is actually a known neuroimaging, which uses a variety of doppler trans specialized radiation frequencies. This type of Doppler device measures the amount of blood in the vascular that is available in the brain. Regarding the price of this type of ultrasound, it should be said that the price of Nest neurosonology ultrasound is higher than other types of ultrasound.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Below are the prices of all types of pregnancy ultrasound and fetal ultrasound.

Types of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Vaginal pregnancy ultrasound 1410000 990000
Pregnancy ultrasound and fetal age 890000 620000
Ultrasound Screening First 1670000 1170000
Second Screening Ultrasound 1170000 820000

Price list of other ultrasounds

Types of ultrasound Free Price {Rials} Insurance Price
Pelvic Ultrasound 740000 520000
Gallbladder Liver Ultrasound 570000 40000
Pancreatic Ultrasound 400000 280000
Spleen Ultrasound 400000 280000

In this article you will be familiar with different types of ultrasound and the price of different ultrasounds. These tariffs are updated annually by the Ministry of Health and Treatment . It is necessary to know that in a medical scan, you can easily book an ultrasound at the best price . Take an ultrasound appointment in different cities and do your ultrasound at the lowest cost.


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