Ultrasound has been prevalent in the world for several years, especially among physicians in our country. Almost everyone in general is familiar with ultrasound but the question that perhaps doesn’t have an answer for everyone is how much ultrasound prices or different ultrasound costs.

In this article, we are going to familiarize you with the types of ultrasound and the price of each ultrasound.

Breast ultrasound price

Breast ultrasound creates a picture of the inner structures of the breast. During breast ultrasound examination, your doctor may use Doppler techniques to assess blood flow or lack of flow in any breast mass. In some cases, this practice may provide more information about the cause of mass emergence.

The price of breast ultrasound is as follows.

قیمت سونوگرافی پستان
Breast ultrasound price

The price of vaginal ultrasound (the price of uterine ultrasound)

Vaginal ultrasound is performed using a specially designed ultrasound probe placed inside the vagina. The probe is very small and uses a lot of lubrication (special gel) to prevent discomfort and pain. An intrauterine ultrasound may be a little uncomfortable or embarrassing, but it shouldn’t hurt you.

But go for the price of all kinds of vaginal ultrasound:

قیمت سونوگرافی واژینال
The price of uterine or vaginal ultrasound

The price of ultrasound related to the fetus and the baby

The price of ultrasound for fetuses and infants in the Ministry of Health’s tariff 1401 is as follows:

قیمت سونوگرافی جنین
List of prices for fetuses and infants

The price of calderdapler ultrasound

Caller Doppler ultrasound is a scan used to examine blood colors and arteries in the heart and body. The price of calderdapler ultrasound for its types is as follows:

قیمت سونوگرافی کالر داپلر
Caller Doppler’s ultrasound price list

The price of abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound is also one of the most widely used ultrasounds, which we have listed here the price list of sigm and legume ultrasound for its types:

قیمت سونوگرافی شکم لگن
Lesit price of abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

The price of kidney and urinary tract ultrasound

Renal and urinary tract ultrasound is performed in many ultrasound imaging centers. The price of renal and urinary tract ultrasound is as follows:

قیمت سونوگرافی کلیه و مجاری ادرار
The price of different types of ultrasounds to the kidneys and urinary tract

Price of other ultrasound methods

The prices of other ultrasound methods are as follows:

Type of ultrasoundUninsured tariff price (Rials)Government Tariff Price (Rials)
Thyroid or parathyroid sonography1322000438150
Salivary gland sonography (mild parotid)923500304900
Sonography of fluid search in polour or ascites of each923500304900
Breast ultrasound with unilateral or bilateral exerylation spaces2503000841050
Chest ultrasound.1083000358200
Sonography of the body (liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas)1992500666250
Liver, gallbladder and bile ducts1275000426400
Ultrasound of bile bags and foreign bile ducts923500304900
2 kidney sonography.1083000358200
Pancreatic Sonography923500304900
Spleen sonography923500304900
Retroperitulacan sonography or aorta of the brace989000334700
Complete pelvic ultrasound including full and empty bladder, uterus and ovary1673500559650
Annulment sonography.1467000494600
The testicle ultrasound didn’t come down.1594000533000
One-way or two-way adrenal ultrasound1083000358200
Prostate Sonography (Transrectal)2391000799500
Sonography of uterus and ovaries (transvaginal)1880000624700
Soft surface textile sonography anywhere in the body with mention of the requested area1594000533000
Biophysical Sonography2391000799500
Ultrasonography of the carrier of the pregnant uterus (uterus, placenta and fetus)55790001865500
Caulerdapler ultrasound of papaverine-free genital device47820001599000
Shoulder or knee sonography.1307500441300
Ultrasonography of the prostate colorapler by transrectal method55790001865500
Unilateral lower extremity calderdapler ultrasound for surface and deep veins with mapping63760002132000
Bilateral lower extremity calderdapler ultrasound examines superficial and deep veins in alignment with mapping103610003464500
Calderdapler ultrasound soft lumps 2615500882600
Ultrasonography of the éorta calderapler and iliac arteries 47820001599000
Ultrasonography of the spleen port port and coultral examination 47820001599000
IVC calderdapler ultrasound and iliac veins 39850001332500
NT ultrasound and first trimester anomalies (this code cannot be rechargeable with a gestational code)37315001255700
Placenta ultrasound for Creta 2901500974300
Tendon ultrasound 1594000533000
Biophysical ultrasound, including 2391000799500
Infertility ultrasound in mrs (evaluation of EJ and VD duct anomalies)2391000799500
Inguinal Ultrasound 1594000533000
Penis ultrasound penis1467000494600
Joint ultrasound1594000533000
Price of ultrasound types

In this article, we tried to familiarize you with the price of common ultrasounds . It should be noted that these tariffs are approved in 1401 and will change in the next year. To learn about different types of ultrasound, you can read the relevant pages in the medical scan and even book an ultrasound online .

You can also find more detailed information about ultrasound scans on the NHS-accredited website.


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