Kerman Ultrasound (Introducing the Top 5 Ultrasound Centers in Kerman)

Ultrasound is the most widely used, easiest and safest medical imaging device. You don’t need to have any special concerns for an ultrasound. Perhaps the only challenge in doing an ultrasound is finding a good ultrasound and a proper ultrasound turn. If you are a resident of Kerman and want to know the best ultrasound centers in Kerman, we recommend you to stay with us until the end of this article.

Kerman Ultrasound

In this article, we are going to specialize in reviewing kerman ultrasound centers and among them we will introduce the best ultrasound centers that include the introduction of the top 5 ultrasound centers in Kerman. We will also teach you how to take an ultrasound appointment in Kerman. First, we will briefly introduce ultrasound and its scans.

Introduction to Ultrasound

In ultrasound imaging, a transducer sends both sound waves and echoes (return) waves. When the ultrasound transducer is pressed on the skin, it sends small pulses of inaudible sound waves and high frequencies to the body. As sound waves come out of internal organs, fluids and tissues, the sensitive receptor in the transducer (transducer) records small changes in the size and direction of the sound.

A computer instantly measures these waves and displays them online on the monitor. The technician usually takes one or more frames of motion pictures as still images. They may also save short video files from images.

At first, the technician examines a small amount of gel in the area and places the transducer there. This gel allows sound waves to move back and forth between the transducer and the examined area. The ultrasound image is immediately visible on the video monitor. The computer creates the image based on the loudness (amplitude), step (frequency) and when it takes for the ultrasound signal to return to the transducer. It also considers what type of body structure and/or tissue the sound passes through.

How is ultrasound done?

For most ultrasound examinations, you lie face-to-face on the bed of the device, which can be tilted or moved. Patients may return to both sides to improve the quality of images.

A radiologist (a doctor specially trained to monitor and interpret radiology examinations) or a sonographer puts you on the device bed. Then, a water-based gel is rubbed in the study area. The gel helps the transducer to make safe contact with the body. It also eliminates air holes between the transducer and the skin that can prevent sound waves from passing into your body. The sonographer places the transducer on the body and moves it back and forth in its desired area to capture the desired images.

Usually, there is no discomfort with the pressure of the transducer on the body because the doctor presses the converter into the examined area slowly. However, if the area is sensitive, you may feel a slight strain or pain from the converter.

Doctors perform Doppler ultrasounds with the same conventional transducers. Rarely, young children may need sedatives to perform the procedure. Parents should ask about this before and be informed of previous food and drink restrictions requiring sedation.

After completing the ultrasound imaging, the transparent gel technician will remove the ultrasound from your skin. Any part that remains dries quickly. Ultrasound gel usually does not stain or discolor the garment.

So now that you’re generally familiar with ultrasound and how to do it, let’s go to the ultrasound centers, and finally introduce the best ultrasound centers in Kerman.

Features of a good ultrasound center

Many people have taken an ultrasound at least in life and are generally familiar with it, but this is not enough to know a good ultrasound center. What should I know to find a good ultrasound center?

Scanning medicine, however, specializes in evaluating these centers in the country and evaluating the best imaging centers in each city in terms of technical and specialized indicators and criteria.

A good ultrasound center should be checked in the following directions:

1- Medical staff and staff

2- Quality of turn-by-turn services and sending answers

3- Location of the center- neighborhood, interiors and installations

4- Brand, model and number of center ultrasound devices

5- Safety and Security

6- Price

Therefore, here you can get to know the best ultrasound centers in Kerman. They can be private or public and private hospital imaging clinics.

Best ultrasound centers in Kerman

  1. Kerman Light Center or Medical and Image Range:

Noor Private Medical Imaging Center (Nur) is a field of medicine and imagery owned and managed by Dr. Mohammad Ehsan located in Kerman. This center is in the highest rank of our list in terms of the criteria mentioned in kerman ultrasound centers.

Address and telephone center of light or medicine and image of Kerman:

Kerman Province, Kerman, Ferdowsi Boulevard, Parvin Etesami Street, Corner of Parvin Etesami Alley I


Kerman Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Department of Shafa Hospital in Kerman

Shafa Hospital has a nominal capacity of 615 approved beds and 380 active beds including internal cardiac inpatient wards, angiography, cardiac surgery, cardiac ICU, ICU, brain and ages, rheumatology, reconstructive, hematology and peritoneal dialysis, nephrology, burns, ENT, nuclear medicine and ophthalmology, as well as cardiology, E, eye and burn emergencies.

The ultrasound department of Shafa Hospital in Kerman includes an ultrasound device that patients hospitalized by resident of radiology and under the supervision of an ultrasound physician are performed. This center is kerman’s second best ultrasound center.

Physicians in the department:

Dr. Mohammad Saba
Three residents that change each month.
Contact Number:


  • Dr. Mottaghi Radiology Center of Kerman

Dr. Mottaghi Kerman Radiology Center is one of the best imaging centers in Kerman which is equipped with radiology and ultrasound devices very accurately and with quality. It has many standards and the quality of its services is at a high level.

Radiology Radiology Contact Information Dr. Mottaghi Kerman

Radiology Office of Dr. Mottaghi Kerman: Kerman Azadi Square at the beginning of Shahid Beheshti Kh

Radiology Contact Number of Dr. Mottaghi Kerman: 03432445360

  • Dr. Noorbakhsh Radiology

Dr. Noorbakhsh Kerman radiology is one of the high quality radiology centers in Kerman that has radiology and ultrasound imaging facilities.

  • Besat Specialty Clinic in Kerman

Besat Kerman Specialized Clinic is affiliated to Kerman University of Medical Sciences, which has various imaging services such as ultrasound, MRI and radiology and serves people with government tariffs.

This means that in addition to the quality of ultrasound and the experience of physicians, the reasonable price is also effective and as a result, the ultrasound of Besat Clinic of Kerman is also on the list of the best ultrasound centers in kerman.

Contact information of Besat Clinic in Kerman:

Besat Clinic Address: Kerman – Jahad Street, Avicenna Street – Somayeh Crossroads (Tahmasbabad)

Besat Specialty Clinic Contact Number: 034-32268740

Kerman Ultrasound

Ultrasound in Kerman

Nowadays, with the increasing growth of online technologies, new and very suitable approaches have been presented to solve human problems. In the field of medical imaging, for the first time in the country, a centralized and integrated platform has been created throughout the problem, which people can take a closer scan by visiting the Scan Teb website, from anywhere in Iran, online and in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, the presence of this suitable bed for receiving ultrasound in Kerman in medical scan allows Kermani mothers and families to easily get an ultrasound from their home during pregnancy without any movement or trouble. Women are also able to share their problems, concerns and requests with a specialist for free through a medical scan. Upload your version to your panel to check as soon as possible.

After all, one issue that can be very important is the possibility of a thorough examination of the center before receiving the turn. This means that users can first get comprehensive information about the imaging center. Among these information, it is possible to check the devices in the center, read the opinions of previous clients, and make a thorough study of the relevant scan.

So it’s all collected in a focused online platform. For the first time in the country, this website has registered requests for receiving imaging appointments and referring patients for various medical scans such as ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, nuclear medicine and radiology.

Dear Kermani can take turns medical imaging by referring to the ultrasound address without spending any money and use the various services of this online platform. It should be noted that medical scan in addition to referring patients is a scientific website specialized in imaging equipment engineering and medical knowledge.

We recommend additional information about ultrasound and how to do it to visit the radiologyinfo website.


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