Top 10 Medical Imaging Centers in Tabriz

Many medical scan users always requested to specialize in investigating the imaging centers of East Azerbaijan during contacts and talking with medical scan experts. These users, who are mainly residents of Tabriz city, are concerned to specializely analyze imaging centers and categorize the best centers. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the top 10 medical imaging centers in Tabriz.
In order to be able to better introduce the good centers of Tabriz, it is necessary to introduce each center based on the type of our imaging device. First, the best ultrasound centers in Tabriz or the top nuclear medicine centers of Tabriz and … We introduce and then generally introduce 10 imaging centers in Tabriz. First, let’s go to the best centers of M.R.A. in Tabriz and go to it.

The best MRI centers in Tabriz


The best MRI centers in Tabriz
MRI is one of the most dangerous and at the same time the most sophisticated and most important methods of medical imaging. Mri administration is very common among radiologists and physicians to find out the root causes of many diseases and causes of pain. As a result, many clients and patients in Tabriz are also looking to find a good MRI center to get the best MRI answer not only faster but also with high accuracy.
From the specialized point of view, a good MRI center should have a few distinct characteristics. These features include the up-to-date rate of MRI machine and its equipment, the number of different coils, the waiting time for receiving the turn, the quality of welfare services, and the duration of preparation of the MRI answer.
Using the mentioned indicators, a good and suitable MRI center can be named the best centers of MRI in Tabriz as follows:
1- MRI of Taleghani Hospital in Tabriz
2- MRI of Mahallati Hospital in Tabriz
3- MRI of Shahriar Hospital in Tabriz
4- M.R.A. Tabesh Tabriz Center
5- MRI of Tabriz Behbehd Hospital
6- MRI Of Tabriz Army Hospital 522
These M.R.A. centers are among the best and most productive MRI centers in Tabriz and East Azerbaijan province, respectively.

The best CT scan centers in Tabriz


The best CT scan centers in Tabriz
CT scan is also one of the most widely used medical imaging methods. But unlike MRI, CT scans come with some radiation. CT scans also have a very high diagnostic value in diseases and injuries. Therefore, finding a good CT scan center is one of the concerns of people in every city, especially the big city of Tabriz. The main applications of CT scan in diagnosis are as follows:
– Head CT scan
– CT scan of abdomen and pelvis
– Lung CT scan
– CT scan of kidney and urinary tract
– CT scan of the spine
– CT Angio
In general, it can be said that since CT scan is basically a method of shooting with and without injection, therefore, sensitivities related to the quality of CT scan center services, the power and experience of the center personnel, the accuracy of the device and the amount of up-to-date equipment of the center are the main priorities of evaluating CT scan centers. Therefore, based on these indicators, we have named the best CT scan centers in Tabriz below:
1- CT Scan Center of Iran
2- CT scan of Tabriz Behdegar Hospital
3- CT scan and CT angio center of Tabriz Madani Hospital
4- CT scan of Shams Hospital in Tabriz
5- Ali Nasab CT Scan Center of Tabriz


Best Ultrasound Centers in Tabriz


Best Ultrasound Centers in Tabriz
Ultrasound may be the most widely used, risky and at the same time the easiest medical imaging device. But this simple and inexpensive device has one of the main tasks in medical diagnosis. Ultrasound is a non-invasive medical scan procedure that helps doctors diagnose and treat. This imaging is completely safe and somewhat painless. Usually, ultrasound, unlike other imaging methods, is done directly by the doctor himself and the radiology expert performs less imaging in ultrasound centers. In ultrasound centers, usually the most important criteria are up-to-date ultrasound, high experience of the center physician and suitable facilities for pregnant women. A good ultrasound can also be checked in other ways. For example, how long does it take to have an ultrasound at that center? Or how much is the price of ultrasound and service center for performing a pregnancy ultrasound or vaginal ultrasound? These are some of the other indicators included in this ranking. Based on these indicators, it can be said that the best ultrasound centers in Tabriz are:
1- Tabriz Radiation Ultrasound Center
2- Pajhwok Ultrasound Center of Tabriz
3- Sonography of Tabriz Civil Hospital
4- Sonography of Shahriar Hospital in Tabriz
5- Dr. Vahednia Ultrasound Center
6- Sonography of Behdeood Hospital in Tabriz
7- Sonography of Tabriz International Hospital


Tabriz’s Best Nuclear Medicine Centers


Tabriz's Best Nuclear Medicine Centers
Nuclear medicine can be considered as the most different type of medical imaging than Sai Methods. In nuclear medicine, instead of rather than a radiation device, the patient has radiation!!! Yes, you got it right. In nuclear medicine, a radioactive drug with radioactive properties or radiation production is injected into the patient’s body. Caution should be taken as to whether this scan is completely safe. The radioactive substance injected into the patient can have very few negative effects on the patient’s body. Therefore, performing a nuclear medicine scan requires the high accuracy and skill of the medical staff of the imaging center. Nuclear medicine, contrary to most people’s perception, is not a complex scan, and as a result, the nuclear medicine device called the Gamma Camra is usually not a very advanced device. Therefore, nuclear medicine in itself cannot be an important criterion in the evaluation of nuclear medicine center.

Instead, to see how good a nuclear medicine center is, we need to pay special attention to the skills of the center’s personnel and the facilities of the Nuclear Medicine Center. Another important factor in determining a good nuclear medicine center is the time and speed of performing nuclear medicine scans. Because basically nuclear medicine scans are long and time consuming, and some of its scans, such as nuclear heart scans, are even two or more steps. Other indicators such as how much does a nuclear medicine scan cost? Or how long it takes to turn nuclear medicine can also be considered as other criteria. According to the above description, the best nuclear medicine centers in Tabriz can be named as follows:
1- Nuclear Medicine Tabriz Behbeh Hospital
2- Azerbaijan Nuclear Medicine Center (Dr. Abolhasani) Tabriz
3- Nuclear Medicine Dr. Kazemi Tabriz
4- Nuclear Medicine Tabriz International Hospital


Best Mammography Centers in Tabriz


Best Mammography Centers in Tabriz
Mammography is a low-dose X-ray imaging of breast tissue. Doctors use mammography to look for early signs of breast cancer before symptoms develop. This type of imaging is called screening mammography. In case of new symptoms such as mass, pain, discharge from the nipple or skin changes of the breast, doctors use mammography to check for any abnormalities in breast tissue and armpitted. In mammography, a low dose of radiation is used to capture the image of the breast. The texture is compressed between the two plates to get the best picture. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and converts them into images.

After introducing mammography, we want to introduce the best mammography centers in Tabriz. The evaluation criteria of a good and appropriate mammography center are almost similar to the CT scan center. Now, it may be that the price of mammography in the center is finished or the proper access of the mammography center includes other evaluation factors. Therefore, the best mammography centers in Tabriz can be expressed as follows:
1- Mammography of Dr. Adibfar Tabriz
2- Tabriz Radiation Radiology and Mammography Center
3- Mammography of Tabriz International Hospital
4- Radiology and Mammography Center of Shams Hospital in Tabriz

Top 10 Medical Imaging Centers in Tabriz

According to all the contents stated and based on the indicators considered in the evaluation of each medical imaging center in Tabriz, we want to name a total of the top 10 medical imaging centers in Tabriz, we can reach the following list:
1- Tabriz Behdadi Hospital Imaging Center
2- Shams Hospital Imaging Center in Tabriz
3- Imaging Center of Iran
4- Tabriz Radiation Imaging Center
5- Tabriz International Hospital Imaging Center
6- Azerbaijan Nuclear Medicine
7- Imaging Center of Tabriz Madani Hospital
8- Dr. Vahednia Ultrasound Center
9- Gamma Scan Center Dr. Kazemi Tabriz
10- Imaging Center of Shahriar Hospital in Tabriz

In this article presented by the technical team of Teb scan, you are familiar with the best imaging centers in Tabriz. These centers include the best MRI centers in Tabriz, the best CT scan centers in Tabriz, the best nuclear medicine centers in Tabriz, the best ultrasound centers in Tabriz and the best mammography centers in Tabriz. If you want to take turns shooting from any of these best centers, you can book your desired time via the scan link .

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