Siemens ( MiE )- DIACAM SCINTRON- Single Head

The DIACAM gamma-camara is another relatively old Siemens referbuished product, a general gamma camma machine, and can be used for all SPECT nuclear medicine scans, whole-body and planar flat. Of course، this Siemens product is supplied as a single detector، so the scanning time is almost doubled compared to the types of devices of the two detectors. The technical specifications of the machine are continued.
The DIACAM is large and rectangular with dimensions of 53.3 cm x 40 cm with 59 PMT per detector.
The crystal material used in DIACAM system is sodium iodide with a thickness of 9.5 mm and dimensions of 44.5 x 59 cm. Shielding detectors are designed to power up to 400 kV.
The maximum load of the patient is 159 kg. And the maximum bed speed is up to 50cm per minute.


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▶ Full range of nuclear medicine studies covered
▶ Detector tilt range 150°
▶ Auto-balance between detector and gantry ensures precise mechanical balance independent of collimator type and weight


▶ FOV 53,3 cm x 38,7 cm (21” x 15.25”)
▶ 59 PMTs for excellent resolution
▶ Lead shielding for energies up to 511 keV
▶ 3/8˝ NaI(Tl) Scintillation-Crystal
▶ Stackable collimator carts for space-saving storage and easy changing


▶ Carbon fiber patient pallet for excellent image quality and only 8% attenuation of radiation
▶ Several accessories for optimal patient positioning
▶ Unique gantry design and pivotable patient table permits free accessibility of patients in wheelchairs and gurneys


Detector Type rectangular
Field of View (FOV) 53.3 cm x 38.7 cm (21” x 15.25”)
Number of PMTs 59
Crystal Thickness 9.5 mm (3/8”)
Energy Range up to 511 keV
System sensitivity (with LEHR-Collimator) absolute ≥ 210 cpm/μCi (± 10%)


Detector Tilt Range 150°
Orbital Rotation Range -540° to +540°

Patient Handling System (PHS)

Pallet material Carbon Fiber
Attenuation at 140 keV < 8 %
Vertical Motion Range 81 – 107 cm (32” – 42”)


Weight (without collimator) 1264 kg (2793 lbs.)
Patient aperture 76.2 cm (30”)


Low Energy LEHR, LEAP
Medium Energy MEGP
Pinhole Various inserts available
High Energy HEGP


Positioning Support Myocard SPECT
Thyroid Positioner
Extension Board PHS
ECG Trigger
Additional Phantoms for Quality Control available

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