Philips (ADAC)- Forte

Philips Forte Gamma Chema

The Forte Philips gamma-camara, formerly known as the ADAC FORTE, is one of the most well-known devices in the field of nuclear medicine imaging in Iran as well as the world. The Forte device has the ability to capture SPECT as well as planar. Using protocols specified by the doctor, it can produce fifteen different image sets.


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Features of Forte Aidek / ADAC FORTE Gamma Chemray Machine

  • Two detectors.
    Two crystals with a thickness of 0.95 cm and the dimensions of FOV field of view 50.8 x 38.1 cm
    The number of PMT tubes used in each detector is 55
    Minimum room dimensions required for devices and accessories 5.5*4 m2
    Maximum patient weight for scan 181 kg
    Semi-automatic card collimator replacement system

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