Intermedical- MINICAM C

MiniCam C small field gamma camera
Superior imaging technology by 37 specially designed 2 “photomultiplier.
The MiniCam C small field gamma camera has a round face with the useful diameter of 250mm and is characterized by the unique design and high quality workmanship. I-131 with a collimator the unit already meets the German A2 classification. The system includes our latest LQN detector technology and high-performance “Windows” based workstation. The Inter Medical Software offers a simple and intuitive operation. The Results of flexible design is unparalleled.
From the recording, evaluation, documentation and archiving of your patient data everything is fully automatic and full DICOM functionality. Easy marking of the neck contour at Thyroid exposures of the patient is possible. The MiniCam C system is modular and can be adapted at any time to suit your needs.


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By means of the stable two arm-suspensions variable on both sides of the detector head and the remote control is a comfortable seating for the patient, even in the case of longer exposures without camera shake can be adjusted. Even with a wheelchair is the positioning of the patient in front of the gamma camera. By default the mini cam tripod is equipped with caster wheels, mobility in the area. The MiniCam C is by the spot special base designed for easy and fast collimator change. Special collimators for the various studies are available.
The collimator structure of the MiniCam C is due to its long septa designed so that with the lowest distance he is positioned directly on the patient. This is an excellent resolution and picture quality.
The digital, highly sensitive detector delivers consistently high performance with pictures of each type. The results are obvious. Superior image quality and resolution for all investigative procedures ensure you the best results. This offers you the MiniCam C all of the prerequisites of a ultra-modern small field Gamma Camera-system with a powerful computing platform to enable simultaneous recording and analysis in an operation including documentation and archiving your patient data.
With the MiniCam C system can also easily carry out investigations in the sitting position. This way quick and high quality recordings of the trunk area can be acquired.

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