GE – Millennium MPR

The Millennium MPR is a multi-purpose rectangular, single-head nuclear medicine camera capable of handling high volumes of general purpose and cardiac imaging. The rectangular configuration allows for simple whole body imaging.

• Digital CSE detectors for better image quality
• Programmable body contouring
• 3-Axis universal imaging table
• Rectangular 520mm x 370mm FOV
Available Options
• Convenience Devices
• Extended Warranties
• Fully Equipped Hot Lab
• New Cardiac Gate
• Patient Comfort Devices
• Printers
• Professional Accreditation Support Services (PASS)
• Software Add-Ons
• Uninterruptible Power Supply


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GE Millennium MPR, MPS & MPG
The GE Millennium MPR and MPS cameras provide a single detector imaging system at an affordable price point. The MPR should be utilized where whole body imaging is critical. If whole body is not needed or spot views are sufficient, the MPS can be employed to minimize floor space. The GE Millennium MPR requires a 15′ x 15′ minimum room, while the MPS only requires 10’ x 15’-9” (more space recommended in both cases).
Maximum Patient Weight: 400 Pounds
Available Options:
Patient Comfort Accessories, QGS/QPS, Emory Toolbox, 4DMSPECT, UltraSPECT Half-Time/Half-Dose Reduction Software, Various Collimators, UPS, Extended Warranty

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MODEL Millennium MPR GE
OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS Mobile/removable table; table extension; snap-on IV/catheter pole; headholder; R-Made armrest; scintimammography extension
SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS 1 single-crystal detector
POWER NEEDED 100/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 kVA
DIMENSIONS 112 x 409 x 145 (44.1 x 161 x 57.1)
WEIGHT, kg 1,484 (3,272)
DATA INPUT At camera station
Data transfer TCP/IP, Interfile
Dicom 3.0 Yes
Display matrix 1281 x 1024
Storage 40 GB disk/ 8 GB usable
Ufov, cm 51 x 36 (20.1 x 14.1)
Max. count,cps 270000
Dead time, μsec 0.7
Energy range, kev 55-540
Intrinsic spatial resolution, mm
Fwhm, ufov 3.9
Fwtm, ufov 7.6
Extrinsic spatial resolution
Fwhm at 10 cm, mm 10.2 (LEGP)
System sensitivity, leap, counts/min/uci 262 (LEGP)
Intrinsic energy resolution, fwhm, 140 kev 0.00%
Intrinsic spatial linearity, mm
Integral ufov 0.5
Differential ufov 0.2
Intrinsic uniformity, uncorrected
Integral ufov 0.00%
Differential ufov 0.00%
Whole-body scan
Rate, cm/min Maximum 200 cm/min
Mode Single pass
Area, cm 51 x 190
Contouring Learn mode
Yoke rotation, deg +/-270
Radius, cm 1-32 (0.4-12.5)
Detector turning, deg -20 to +90
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