Siemens LEM+ Mobile Gamma Camera

The Siemens LEM+ gamma-chema is another product of Siemens Co. which is available as a specialized and mobile gamma-chema in nuclear medicine department. The gamma camera system has a small SFOV, circular and compact 25.9 cm diameter field of view, which is used for small field of view scans such as thyroid scanning, parathyroid tear ducts, etc. The Siemens LEM+ gamma-camara requires minimal space for operation.
The Siemens LEM+ gamma-cam has a single detector with 37 PMT detectors.
The crystal used in the Siemens LEM+ system is sodium iodide with a thickness of 9.5 mm. The Siemens LEM+ gamma-camer has collimators that can detect energies up to 400 kV.
The output of the Siemens LEM+ gamma-camra is DICOM, which will give the system the ability to send images to the PACS center or hospital.
NuQuest® software، which can be easily installed on a laptop، is installed on the camera and works for the system ecosystem software.


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