Siemens Gamma Camera

Siemens Specialized Cardiac Gamma-Chemera, C.Cam is a compact system dedicated to cardiovascular imaging. The back seat and open design of the device allow the patient to feel comfortable and relaxed. With less patient movement, image quality greatly improves.


• C.Cam uses digital detectors to extract images.
• The Biman angle of two detectors in the machine is 90 degrees fixed.
• The space used for the device is fully optimized and the dead space for the system cannot be found.
• The device uses light collimators that are replaced manually.
• The chair is comfortable and resembles a dental unit chair, which supports the patient’s weight up to 204 kg.
• The physical space used for is 2.43*2.43 m2.
• The crystal used in the gamma-cam device is made of sodium iodide and has a thickness of 8.5 mm and dimensions of 21 x 37 cm.
• The energy range for this device is 60-170 kV which is suitable for thallium and technium heart scans.
• The weight of the C.Cam Specialized Cardio Gamma-Cam device is about 1050 kg, which can be installed on most floors of a building.
Siemens C.Cam’s myocardial perfusion and cardiac perfusion capabilities increase diagnostic confidence to the nuclear medicine specialist, while fully integrated system software allows for fractional analysis of mutations and wall movement. The system is so compact that it can fit almost anywhere, from hospitals to cardiovascular offices.


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Siemens Gamma Camera

A trend in nuclear cardiac myocardial perfusion imaging in recent years has been toward smaller gamma cameras that can be easily be installed in outpatient offices, which Siemens highlighted at ACC 2009 with its SPECT system.
The features a comfortable chair that comes in numerous colors, and state-of-the-art SPECT imaging technology. The digital detectors offer a five-channel row and column decoding per individual PMT for better image quality. The detector heads are mounted in a 90-degree fixed position and have lightweight autoform collimators that can be changed by hand. The chair has a cut out section to reduce attenuation artifacts and for clear line of sights.
Siemens says the system is easy to install within two days in an 8-by-8-foot area footprint.

Siemens C.Cam Specifications:

• Digital Detectors
• Lightweight Collimators
• Fixed 90 Degree Dual Detectors
• 24 High-Resolution Photomultiplier Tubes per Detector
• 60 – 170 KeV Energy Range
• LEHR and/or LEAP Collimators
• Manual Collimator Exchanger
• Pentium III Single Monitoring Acquisition Keyboard Station
• Unobstructed Cardiac SPECT
• Minimal patient to detector distance
• Icon-driven hand controller for manual gantry operation
• Rectangular 370mm x 214mm FOV

Crystal Thickness
8.5 mm
Detector Geometry
Dual-head 90 degrees
Detector Material
Sodium Iodide
Gamma Camera Type
Gantry Configuration
Patient Weight Capacity
450 lbs
Power Requirements
110 VAC
2315 lbs

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