Philips (ADAC)- Cardio 60

Philips is the Cardio 60 and Cardio Epic. These two systems can be called a specialized cardiac scanning device according to their shape, application and design. However، these systems can also be used as systems for general nuclear medicine imaging. The Cardio 60 and Cardio EPIC devices have a fixed 90 degree angle between two detectors. This limits scans other than heart scans.

Both systems can perform scans of the heart in the form of Supine and Prone


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The Philips Cardio 60 is a dedicated cardiac camera featuring an open, patient friendly design. The Cardio 60 is capable of imaging myocardial perfusion studies in both the prone and supine positions.

• Variable angle detectors
• Semi-automatic collimator exchange
• Optimized 90° SPECT detector configuration
• Rectangular 200mm x 150mm FOV

• Fixed 90 degree detectors

Other Options of System
• Convenience Devices
• Extended Warranties
• Fully Equipped Hot Lab
• New Cardiac Gate
• Patient Comfort Devices
• Printers
• Professional Accreditation Support Services (PASS)
• Software Add-Ons
• Uninterruptible Power Supply

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