Mediso – TH-22 – Dedicated Gamma Camera

Mediso – Nucline TH-22

Nucline™ TH-22, TH-33 and TH-45 small-field gamma camera family is distinguished by a unique design and high quality production of the systems. All cameras have the latest detector technology and high-performance Windows-based workstations.
Nucline™ TH-cameras can easily be adapted to your needs. Highly sensitive detectors as well as high quality electronics provide high performance images in various applications. Superior image quality and resolution of TH-gamma cameras deliver the best quality and the highest reliability in diagnosis in all studies. Starting with acquisition, through evaluation until documentation and archiving patient data, all tasks are performed automatically according to your requirements using full DICOM functionality.
InterView™ software offers an easy and intuitive operation. The design of result page is flexible and takes your personal wishes into account.
Evaluation on workstations from other manufacturers is easily possible due to the full DICOM functionality and compatibility.
With these features the Nucline™ TH-camera family offers you all advantages of a modern small-field gamma camera system with powerful computing platform for simultaneous acquisition and analysis in a single operation, including documentation and archiving patient data.


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Gantry Information (Mediso- TH22)

– Adjustable height setting of stand with high precision electro-mechanical movement.
– Single hand detector handling and accurate positioning of the detector head even below the patient table
– Broad range of vertical adjustment (480 mm) with digital display of height
– Quickly adjustable detector orientations, vertical and horizontal detector angle indicator
– Hand operated detector rotation and locks.


NEMA-Specification of Mediso TH-22

Energy range (keV) 40 – 400
Lead shielding thickness of detector (mm) 12-28
Intrinsic energy resolution with Tc-99m (%) 9,9 9,6
Maximal countrate (cps) 220.000 350.000
Intrinsic homogenity
Differential CFOV (%) 2,4 1,9
Differential UFOV (%) 2,5 2,0
Integral CFOV (%) 2,9 2,4
Integral UFOV (%) 3,0 2,5
Intrinsic linearity
Differential CFOV (mm) 0,18 0,09
Differential UFOV (mm) 0,20 0,10
Absolute CFOV (mm) 0,38 0,28
Absolute UFOV (mm) 0,40 0,30
Available crystal thickness (mm) 6,5* 9,5 12,5 6,5* 9,5 12,5
Intrinsic spatial resolution
CFOV FWHM (mm) 3,2 3,9 4,3 2,7 3,4 3,8
UFOV FWHM (mm) 3,3 4 4,4 2,8 3,5 3,9
System spatial resolution with collimator
LEHR-Collimator FWHM (mm) 7,5 8,0 8,1 7,2 7,7 7,8
LEHR-Collimator FWTM (mm) 13,5 13,9 14,5 12,9 13,4 14,1

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