GE – Discovery NM 530c

GE- Discovery NM 530c

A dedicated cardiac gamma camera with Alcyone Technology that combines CZT detectors, focused collimation, stationary data acquisition, and 3D reconstruction to improve workflow, dose management, and overall image quality.

Alcyone Technology results in SPECT and gated SPECT scans in as short as 3 minutes and less than 6.2% energy resolution for Tc-99m. Views are acquired simultaneously during a fully stationary SPECT acquisition, eliminating equipment movement.


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The heart of a patient deserves an absolute understanding. In molecular imaging this is known as a true discovery. It’s the type of discovery that provides reproducible evidence to permit greater understanding. And with its ability to make visible what could normally be invisible, it’s the type of discovery molecular imaging is uniquely positioned to enable. The search for true discovery is at the heart of nuclear cardiology. In the case of coronary artery disease, a true discovery can be the difference between an accurate diagnosis and a missed opportunity.

Especially in the presence of triple vessel or microvascular disease, where traditional SPECT technologies have had proven limitations. To make a true discovery in nuclear cardiology, you require more than a clear picture of a patient’s heart. You need measurable information and the technology and applications to leverage the data you acquire. This is what enables a greater understanding of a heart’s function.

With your guidance, we designed a nuclear cardiac portfolio to meet the needs of your practice. Based on breakthrough Alcyone technology, Discovery™ NM530c is the foundation of our nuclear cardiac portfolio. Its cardiac-optimized camera and detectors enable high quality cardiac images in less time and with less dose. And with the Alcyone CFR application, you can generate the quantitative information you require to help guide your clinical decisions. Our Ventri™ system was designed with an open architecture. It gives you the technology you need to start cardiac imaging today with an easy upgrade path to Discovery NM530c as your nuclear cardiology practice grows.


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