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Repair of specialized medical imaging devices and boards

The technical complexity of medical imaging devices is not covered by anyone. So that medical imaging devices are sort of classified as High-Tec devices. Therefore, the repair process requires a very high level of knowledge and expertise from troubleshooting to troubleshooting. Technical knowledge, along with a lot of experience, can be a problem for many medical imaging centers. The technical team of Teb Scan is ready to provide services, repair and commissioning of advanced medical imaging devices by utilizing the technical knowledge of committed and expert people and their 30-year experience in this field.
Owners of imaging centers and devices can only fill out the electronic form below and send it, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price to benefit from the various technical services of the specialized medical scanning team. The services provided in different parts of imaging are described below.

Repair of electronic boards of MRI machine

For mri device owners, this sentence is very objective: Save a lot of money by repairing damaged MRI parts. Teb Scan Technical Team is proud to provide technical services to major models of MRI devices including GE, Hitachi, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba. Our engineering team is able to repair or renovate the most minor parts used in MRI. Our goal is to provide services at a high technical level. But that’s not our only goal. One of the most important issues in our team’s work process is the issue of quality assurance of service and customer support. What is very important in the field of imaging and unfortunately, sometimes we see that this point has been ignored.
Medical scan offers high quality coil repairs and MRI parts at the lowest price. Some of these repair services include:
Repair and renovation of boards and circuits related to MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT, mammography as well as ultrasound
Repair and renovation of SSM board, RF board and CTVRC module.
Repair and service amplifiers, gradient modules and consoles of GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba and Hitachi devices.

Repair of different types of ultrasound probes

Nowadays, ultrasound probes are one of the most widely used components of ultrasound, so this high use of probes causes them to be damaged and worn out.
Repair of ultrasound probe is one of the fastest and least costly methods of recovery of ultrasound devices. Teb scan team has the ability to repair these probes in your work plan so that you can repair and rebuild your probe in the fastest and highest quality way.

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