Ultrasound in Isfahan + Introducing the Top 5 Ultrasound Centers in Isfahan

Ultrasound in Isfahan for residents of Isfahan city and finding a good ultrasound center in Isfahan because of the large size and population of this city, may have a lot of challenges. Ultrasound is a method that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of a part of the body, and ultrasound scans can be used to monitor unborn babies, diagnose diseases. The ultrasound scanner is safe to use because of the sound waves in it.

Ultrasound has wide applications for the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. In case of pain or swelling of the body’s internal organs, it is possible for your doctor to use an ultrasound to diagnose them. Ultrasound is also used for cases such as pain in the bladder, liver, ovary, kidney, testicles, uterus, eyes. or hear its heartbeat.

Regarding the advantage of using an ultrasound device, it can be said that it is a safe device for body tissues. Ultrasound is also known as a noninvasional method. Another advantage of using this device is that, with the help of doppler ultrasound, the blood vascular path in the body is visible.

Today, with the help of technology, sono device is also available in two advanced 3D and 4D models. These models are often used for specific imaging. Basically, 3D ultrasound is used to observe the fetus and determine its genicity. 4D ultrasound is like 3D ultrasound, leading to 4D ultrasound, the images are animated.

The most important points of a good ultrasound center

The city of Isfahan, with its vastness, has ultrasound imaging centers with many advanced devices. People residing in Isfahan refer to specialized ultrasound centers in Isfahan for ultrasound. Regarding the characteristics of a suitable ultrasound center, it can be said that most ultrasound centers in Isfahan have common characteristics. Because all their equipment is up to date and they have specialist doctors.

But what a good ultrasound center should have is that the doctor must first have a specialized degree. In addition to 2011, a reliable and good center has services such as: Radiology, mammography, uterine color photography and more. Also, suitable and good centers should have all ultrasound services including: Have internal ultrasound, external ultrasound, 3D and 4D ultrasound, heart and vasographic ultrasound, syringe, gastrointestinal ultrasound, scan anomalies and more.

Ultrasound in Isfahan
Ultrasound in Isfahan and Introducing the Top 5 Centers of Sonography in Isfahan

1. Parseh Ultrasound and Radiology Subspecialty Center (Dr. Farrokhi)
Dr. Farrokhi Ultrasound Center is one of the top centers of ultrasound and radiology in Isfahan province which exists in two branches. In the Farsan neighborhood branch, it can be said that the center is also located near Asgariya Hospital in terms of geographical location. It has advanced equipment. To contact this center, you can call:
Call. Or to:

Branch Address 1: Isfahan- Soroush Street- Between Ahmad Abad and Al Khudzhand Square- Alley 17 Dashtgol
Branch Address 2: Isfahan – Readygah Street – Corner of Dead End No. 6 (Milad) – Parseh Building

Ultrasound in Isfahan

2. Bozorgmehr Ultrasound Center (Dr. Masoumeh Caution Work)
Dr. Prudential’s specialized ultrasound imaging clinic is known as one of the top ultrasound centers in Isfahan, which has attracted many people by using new and up-to-date devices as well as its high expertise. This physician with 39 years of experience has been the establisher of Bozorgmehr Imaging Center in Isfahan, which with advanced ultrasound devices and high specialty is one of the top ultrasound centers in Isfahan. To contact this center you can call: Please also contact us or to:

Address: Isfahan- Bozorgmehr Street, Alley 72, Facing Bilal Street, Navab Alley.

Ultrasound in Isfahan

3. Soroush Ultrasound Specialist Center (Dr. Manijeh Esteki)

Dr. Manijeh Esteki, radiologist and ultrasound specialist, is a subspecialty fellowship in imaging for Iniz intervention. Dr. Esteki’s specialized ultrasound center is also a sample of the best ultrasound centers in Isfahan, which with great experience has been recognized as one of the specialized physicians in Isfahan. You can visit and make an appointment at this center by calling: Call or go to
Address: Isfahan- Bozorgmehr Street, West Hasht Behesht Intersection, Soroush Building, Ground Floor, Unit 3.

4. Radio Ultrasound Center (Dr. Shohreh Ashtari)

Dr. Ashtari is another known physician of ultrasound imaging and radiology in Isfahan. Dr. Ashtari Imaging Center is one of the top ultrasound centers in Isfahan and it has up-to-date equipment. To contact this center, you can call: Please contact or
Address: Isfahan- Amadgah Street, near the Palestine Cross-Road, The Last Dead End of Parto Radiology Center

Ultrasound in Isfahan
5. Arman Ultrasound Center (Dr. Babak Tavakoli)

Arman Sonography Center, with the activities of Dr. Tavakoli and Etzazian as well as advanced ultrasound devices, is another of the top ultrasound centers in Isfahan province. The center has the ability to provide services such as: Sonography and breast biopsy have two-dimensional, 3D and 4D ultrasounds as well as specialized pregnancy ultrasounds. To contact this center, you can call: Call or go to
Address: Isfahan- Bozorgmehr Street – See between Rokn al-Dawlah Street and Hasht Behesht Cross-Road, Amitis Building, Second Floor, Sonographic Arman.

Also, in order to get an ultrasound appointment in Isfahan, you can get an ultrasound appointment for yourself or your acquaintances via the ultrasound link in Isfahan. If you would like to find additional information on how to perform an ultrasound, see verywellhealth .


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