What is a breast CT scan?

Breast CT scan or CT scan in general is an X-ray technique that gives the doctor information about the internal organs of the body in 2D incisions. During the CT scan, you lie on a moving bed and pass through a doughnut-shaped device that captures the body’s X-ray image from different angles.

A computer puts together this X-ray to create detailed images of the inside of the body. Before performing a breast CT scan, a contrast solution (color) must be inserted into your arm via an intravenous injection. Since color can affect the kidneys, your doctor may perform kidney function tests before giving contrast solution.
Currently, CT scans are not normally used for breast evaluation. If there is large and advanced breast cancer in the patient’s body, the doctor may request a CT scan to assess whether the cancer has been transferred to the chest wall. This helps determine whether cancer can be picked up with a mastectomy (breast drain).
Your doctor may request a CT scan to check for other parts of the body where breast cancer can spread, such as lymph nodes, lungs, liver, brain and/or spine. In general, there is no need for a CT scan if you have breast cancer at an early stage.

If your body’s symptoms or other findings suggest that cancer can be more advanced, you may need a CT scan of your head, chest or abdomen.

If advanced breast cancer is found in the patient’s body, the doctor may prescribe more CT scans during treatment to see if the cancer responds to treatment.

After treatment, a CT scan may be used if there is a reason why breast cancer has spread or relapsed outside the breast.

On the other hand, it should be noted that breast CT scans are not normally used to check for problems if they do not have symptoms (as screening). This is because the benefits of screening may not outweigh the risks, especially if it leads to unnecessary tests and anxiety.

Breast CT scan

Preparing for breast CT scan

Before a breast CT scan you may be advised to avoid eating for several hours before eating to make sure clear images are taken.
If you have any allergies or kidney problems, or if you are taking diabetes medication, you should contact the hospital or imaging centre after taking a CT scan, as special arrangements may be needed.
You should also tell the hospital or imaging centre whether you are pregnant or not. CT scans are usually not recommended for pregnant women unless it is an emergency, as there is little chance that X-rays will harm the fetus.
On the day of the scan it is very good to wear loose and comfortable clothes as you may not need to change your clothes at the time of the scan. Try not to wear jewellery and clothes containing metal (such as zippers).

Before breast CT scan

Before performing a breast scan, you may be given a special color called contrast to help improve the quality of the images. If you feel anxious or anxious about the scan, let the centre’s expert know. In this case, they can give you advice to help you feel relaxed and can prescribe a sedative if necessary.

Breast CT scan

Before starting the scan, you may be asked to take off your clothes and wear hospital clothes. You will also be asked to remove any metal such as jewellery, as the metal interferes with the scanning equipment.
We want to answer some common questions about breast CT scans that people usually don’t know the answers to.

Is breast MRI better than a CT scan for breast cancer?

MRI scans are often a more accurate way to diagnose cancer. Breast MRI may be more aggressive in identifying breast cancer than ultrasound, CT scan and mammography. But on the other hand, CT scans are more accurate for diagnosis of uterine, prostate and some liver cancers.

Breast CT scan compared to breast MRI

Which scan is best for breast cancer?

For breast cancer, these can include: Breast CT scans and pet CT scans as well as bone scans to find out if the cancer has spread to the bone.

Can breast cancer be diagnosed with a CT scan?
CT scans can detect very small suspected breast cancers that cannot be identified by conventional mammography or physical examinations. It can also be said with a little negligence that breast CT scan can be a better test for the diagnosis of high-risk precancerous lesions.

Breast CT scan

Turn CT breast scan

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