Intermedical- MULTICAM 3000

MultiCam 3000 eco digital and high-resolution 3-head gamma camera
The MultiCam 3-head gamma camera with its precise and high-resolution display properties is particularly suitable for neurological and cardiological examinations. High-resolution SPECT bone images can also be obtained quickly and elegantly.

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The digital concept results in an automatic, digital gain control for each individual photomultiplier and the computer-controlled query and correction of the energy, linearity and uniformity. This ensures high long-term stability. The MultiCam 3000 eco system is equipped with a modem as standard, so that detector diagnostics and adjustments can also be carried out remotely thanks to the digital detector technology.
The ring gantry offers stable detector crown bearings and radial guidance. The three detectors offset by 120 ° guarantee high setting precision and a constant rotation center. The arrangement of the detectors outside the gantry tunnel makes access to the patient considerably easier. This design principle is also open for the adaptation of additional devices (STEP, 511 keV collimators etc.). The gantry is operated via a remote control with pre-programmed function keys for brain, torso and collimator change, as well as free selection of the setting parameters.

A large memory monitor on the tripod is used to monitor the patient position and the setting parameters. A separate acquisition computer on a driving console is used to monitor the patient position and the setting parameters. The entire camera can be delivered according to your color requirements. All common RAL colors are available here.
The patient table is computer controlled and synchronized with the position of the detectors. This affects the longitudinal movement as well as the lateral and vertical position of the table. Special positioning aids allow the patient to be comfortably positioned either in the head or foot position. The storage plate is made of carbon fiber to ensure high stability and low radiation absorption.
The characteristic of the acquisition control is the RAS mode (Rapid Acquisition Sequence) for dynamic SPECT acquisition. The RAS mode helps decisively when examining uncooperative patients. Within a study, several complete rotation scans are recorded with short time intervals in both directions of rotation. The artifact-free patient data are combined into an optimized raw data set. The acquisition computer has a 16 MB buffer memory and is networked with the Inter Medical data system via a glass fiber cable.

The system is characterized by solid and low-maintenance mechanics. As a result, all tripod movements are controlled by software via the control electronics.

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