Intermedical- MULTICAM 1000

MultiCam 1000 eco, the cost-effective SPECT single-head rectangular large-field gamma camera for universal exposures including whole body, SPECT and gated-SPECT.
The rectangular large field camera MultiCam 1000 eco has a field of view of 51 x 38 cm. Thanks to its special design, it can acquire planar, whole-body, SPECT and gated-spect pictures. The MultiCam 1000 eco can be upgraded to a double-head gamma camera, e.g. MultiCam 2000 eco, at any time. An expansion on site is possible with little time and technical effort, so that your increased requirements are met.

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What is captivating is the extremely small space requirement of the system of only approx. 2×3 meters with optimal quality and functionality. The tilted or unscrewed detector has proven itself in many areas of application, such as static and dynamic recordings, for example on lying, standing or sitting patients.
Whole-body scintigraphy with a close-to-body scan path, SPECT with a close-to-body orbit and triggered heart SPECT in prone and supine positions are also possible with this system. Optionally, you can achieve the best scanning path thanks to the adjustable, automatic light curtain. In full-body operation, the MultiCam 1000 eco executes an automated movement cycle that records the ventral and dorsal patient view.
The comprehensive range of Inter Medical Software guarantees you the variety of nuclear medicine programs.
For better handling, the system offers an ergonomically shaped hand control for optimal control of all gantry movements, a large color display for monitoring the patient position, the current exposure and all tripod parameters and emergency stop switches in easily accessible positions. A carbon fiber bed with a bastability of 220kg and a scan length of 220cm is also available for your patients.

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