DDD- Solo Single

SoloMobile™ is designed, developed and manufactured by DDD-Diagnostic A/S in Denmark.
DDD is a well-known OEM manufacturer of gamma camera systems. Early 2012 the first products under own brand were also released to the market.
DDD was founded in 1987 and has been involved in design and development of some of the most successful gamma camera systems in cooperation with major international vendors of medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

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SoloMobile™ is a versatile and compact gamma camera system designed for use in hospital environments, outpatient clinics or private office settings. Its low-profile detector can be positioned to perform a large range of planar procedures such as imaging of the thyroid gland, parathyroid, multi-gated cardiac and sentinel node.
SoloMobile™ is designed to be moved within a nuclear medicine department, through hospital corridors or in patient rooms for bedside imaging.
The four quality wheels and the hand grip design enable easy maneuvering of the unit.
SoloMobile™ is powered by a built-in battery pack. When the battery is fully charged,
SoloMobile™ can image patients for one hour. If additional imaging time is required,
SoloMobile™ can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

The adjustable gantry and detector configuration accommodates imaging procedures with patients sitting or standing in front of the camera as well as patients lying on a hospital stretcher or gurney.
Ease in detector positioning is achieved through a motorized vertical movement and manual rotational movements. When positioned, the detector is kept stable and in place for the imaging procedure by magnetic brakes.

SoloMobile™ includes a laptop PC-based intuitive graphical user interface featuring both image acquisition and processing. Persistence scope and energy spectrum display are integral parts of the acquisition functionality. The laptop base plate can swivel to position the laptop conveniently for the user to confirm patient setup and to monitor the patient’s position prior to and during acquisition. Functions including clearing of the persistence display and acquisition start are conveniently operable from the detector control panel.

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