Rotary Helium Liquid

Helium in liquid form is produced and used in various industrial fields. Liquid helium, in particular, is becoming more important for refueling medical devices such as an MRI machine. As in the technical description section MRI Machine We have brought the MRI machine based on the use of magnets, which is due to the same properties and application of liquid helium, that the magnetic power of the MRI machine increases by immersing in liquid helium. Ensuring the purity of liquid helium used in this section is crucial for stable installation performance.

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Helium is an element in the noble gas group, which is widely used in various industries, including in the field of medicine. In fact، one of the most common uses of helium is in MRI machines. Helium is used in the MRI industry in both gas and liquid forms. In this section, we are going to explain the uses of helium in MRI machines.
The MRI machine consists of coils, magnets and coils that guide the current. This device consumes a lot of energy due to its very strong magnetic field. To achieve this strong magnetic field, there is no other way than to construct a superconducting coil (or at least with current human technology!!

Where to get helium for refueling and practically injecting liquid helium into MRI machine?

You can buy helium for MRI through the contact link with the medicine scan. Special sealed metal containers called rotary dewar helium are used to deliver helium in liquid form. Helium rotators are specially designed to provide the least leakage during transportation. Helium rotary units are designed to be double-glazed in a way that increases thermal insulation of the contents.

Transportation and delivery of helium rotary is done entirely by a special technical team to minimize the problem during transportation and delivery as well as helium injection. If you need more information related to MRI refueling, you can get details from the consultants on the ScanTeb website.


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