Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scan

Brilliance CT Scan 16:

Philips’ Brilliance 16 slice CT scan is a high-performance system. The Brilliance CT 16-Slice is an ideal CT machine for routine CT studies, CTA, and advanced motion-sensitive applications, such as CT colonography and lung studies. With quick regeneration and many automated tools for adjusting patients and managing scans, it can help you increase your throughput. Brilliance CT also includes a range of thoughtful features to help maximize dosage efficiency.
Philips’ Brylance 16 slice CT scan machine has sold a lot worldwide due to its extensive clinical applications.

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Features of 16 Slice Brilliant CT Scan:

The DoseWise, built into Philips’ 16-slice device, offers high resolution as well as radiation dose management with a focus on reducing the patient’s dose.

An easy-to-learn interface, aesthetic design, quick image capture combined with affordability make it an attractive option.

The device is refurbished and rebuilt around the world at very attractive prices and excellent performance، which is popular among all 16-slice systems in the world.

Since the 16-slice CT scan market is competitive, many 16-slice CTs are too expensive to sell due to their facilities. In line with this issue, due to the extensive activity in the CT scan market, the CT scan team can recommend the appropriate CT scan machine to buyers who need the right devices for their centers.

One such system is the Brilliance 16, which can deliver fast scanning time and excellent image resolution at an affordable price. Workstation or Brilliance Eco System is user-friendly، which makes the expert or operator comfortable while working.

Outstanding Features of CT 16 Slice Brilliance

The Brilliance 16-slice CT scan provides high-quality imaging, rapid reconstruction, task automation and another set of features such as minimizing radiation dose to the patient. Generally speaking, the 16-slice CT scanner is available in two different X-ray tubes: 5 MHU x-ray tube with generator configuration 48 kW and 8 MHU x-ray tube with generator configuration 60 kW.

Benefits and other features of the device:

The Philips Advantage Clinical Value
5.0 MHU X-ray tube and 48 kW generator configuration Provides the power and throughput necessary for all routine applications and advanced applications like CT Colonography, CTA and pulmonary imaging
8.0 MHU X-ray tube and 60 kW generator configuration Enhances throughput and enables advanced applications and bariatric imaging
RapidView 6 Delivers up to 6 images per second
RapidView 20*

and less waiting for images

Delivers up to 20 images per second for faster reconstruction, higher throughput


Flexible slice acquisition modes, including 16×0.75 mm and 16×1.5 mm More channels and better coverage means faster acquisitions and shorter breath hold times
Sub second 360o Rotation Time

(down to 0.4 sec*)

Faster rotation times mean less susceptibility to motion artifacts


Tach Technology Philips patented ASIC chip provides virtually noise-free signal conversion for better image quality
Dynamic Focal Spot (DFS)


Rapid deflection of the electron beam effectively doubles the sampling rate

and spatial resolution

Ultra High Resolution (up to 24 Lp/cm spatial resolution) High spatial resolution means better definition of small structures
DoseWise A Philips-wide approach to radiation dose management focusing on lowering patient dose while providing diagnostic image quality
Clinical applications on console

Nearly all of the Philips world-class applications are available on the console as well as the Extended Brilliance Workspace and Brilliance Workspace Portal


Gantry Device Specifications:

Feature Specification
X-ray tube and Detectors Architecture Third generation; Rotate-rotate
Rotation times 0.4**, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2 seconds for full 360° scans

0.28**, 0.33, seconds for partial angle 240° scans

Gantry aperture, mm 700mm
Intercom system Two-way connection between the gantry and console areas
Gantry tilt, degrees -30° to +30° with 0.5° increments
Controls located on Gantry (left and right, front and back) Tilt, Couch In/Out, Couch Up/Down, Emergency Stop, X-Ray Indicator
Controls located at Operator’s Console Tilt, Couch In/Out, Couch Up/Down, Emergency Stop, X-Ray Indicator, Star t Scan, Pause
Focus-detector distance 1040mm
Focus-isocenter distance 570mm

Machine bed specifications:

Feature Specification
Vertical range, mm 578 to 1028mm with 1.0mm increment
Manual longitudinal stroke, mm 1900mm
Scannable range, mm 1750mm
Z-position accuracy ±0.25mm
Longitudinal speed, mm/s 0.5 – 100mm/s
Max Load Capacity with Accuracy, lb 450 lbs (204kg) with 0.25mm Z-axis accuracy

650 lbs (295kg) with Bariatric Patient Support*

Floating tabletop Carbon-fiber table top with foot pedal and hand control for easy positioning and quick release.


Specification of the machine generator:

5.0 MHU X-ray tube and 48 kW

8.0 MHU X-ray tube and 60 kW

generator configuration

48 kW

60 kW

Output capacity

90, 120, 140 kVp

90, 120, 140 kVp


20-400 mA; 1 mA increments

20-500 mA; 1 mA increments



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