Philips- BrightView X

Philips BrightView X

Philips’ first nuclear medicine product might be called the Philips BrightView X. The BrightView X system is a fully featured Variable Angle camera that reduces the distance between the detector and the patient, increasing the resolution of the image.
The BrightView X Acquisition System comes with JETStream Echo software and also has an 18-inch monitor، keyboard and mouse.

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The thickness of the detector or detector of the BrightView X is 9.5 mm. LEGP, LEHR, CHR, MEGP, HEGP, HEPH collimators can be used with this device.
The minimum space required for the BrightView X is a room with dimensions of 366 x 473 cm2. The HVAC system must maintain a temperature between 16°C and 24°C over 24 hours a day. The degree changes should not exceed 5 degrees Celsius per hour, so the HVAC system must keep this temperature constant every day to maintain the crystal. The humidity of the room should be between 20 and 75 percent.


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