Philips 1.5T Achieva MRI

Rex Magnet, Software, XW8600 Computer, Copley 781 Gradient Cabinet, CDAS, LCC2, 15ch S30 RF; Software Options include: Easic 5W, Smart-Scan Spine, IHE Workflow, Smart-Scan Brain, Smart-Scan Knee, 2D VCG, 16 RF Channels, Advanced EPl, Gra5e, 3D Brain View, High Sense Factors, MSMP, Extended FOV, Smart-Scan Shoulder, Keyhole, DWl, Phase Navigators, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-Flow, Contrast Enh Perf., Moving Bed lma, Adv moving bed ima, Advanced Peripheral Angio, Black Blood Pre-Pulse, Body Resp NaviSators, Multi-Station View, Multivane, Cardiac Triggered lR, Retrospective, Prosp Motion Corr, Rest Grid, Cardiac Perfusion, Cardiac CAl, lnteractive, T1 Perfusion, 3 Point Planscan, Rescan, Diffusion Calc, Perfusion Calc, Q-Flow Analysis; Coils lnclude: L6ch Neurovascular Array, L6ch Sense XL Torso, 15ch Sense Spine, 8ch Sense Head, 8ch Sense Knee, 8ch Sense Wrist, 7ch Sense Breast, Sense Flex M, Sense Flex S, C1, 4ch Sense Shoulder L, 4ch Sense Shoulder M, Sense FootlAnkle, Sense Knee/Foot

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