Performing MRI Room

The RF Cage room is the room where the MRI machine is installed and one of the basic requirements of an MRI device is called RF cage or RF shield. RF cabin is common in the medical equipment market.

The complete implementation of this room requires scientific and practical skill in the field of medical imaging equipment, especially high-magnetic equipment such as an MRI machine.


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The implementation of RF Cage for different MRI machines varies depending on their magnetic field, so the room needs to be designed depending on the type of site plan of the device for which the RF room is being built.

Performing MRI room (RF Cage)

In this article، we are going to introduce the RF Cage or RF Shield insulation chambers. The RF enclosure is essentially a Faraday cage made of panels of high-quality foil-coated round wooden frames that are glued together to ensure the integrity of the protector over the life of the RF chamber. Electrical cables, medical gas pipes and other appliances are placed in holes embedded in wall panels and out of sight. This panel installation mode if necessary, excluding flooring, allows the cage to be dismantled and installed in another location. All fittings are non-magnetic materials. Doors, windows are also protective or equipped with filters to prevent leakage. RF rooms are dielectrically insulated from the rest of the building. They are delivered to the site in prefabricated molds and assembled and installed by trained personnel.

The different parts of the MRI machine S.H.I.E.L.D. Chamber:

RF Shield should surround the entire room walls، floors and ceilings. Such a conductive box used to protect against stranded electromagnetic interference is also known as the Faraday cage. Almost any type of metal can be used, including aluminum and galvanized steel. However, the most common RF enclosure consists of wood plates coated with copper. In the range of frequencies used for MRI, the conductivity depth for copper is very low, meaning only a thin layer of metal shielding is required. The floor of the magnet is generally made of monolithic copper, which is covered with an antistatic solid floor material. Interior walls are typically made of plaster walls. The ceiling of the magnet room is usually hung and installed in a false ceiling mode to allow the pipes and cables and lighting fixtures of the magnet room to pass outside of the RF shield. The magnetic chamber door should also not allow RF leakage. It is therefore sealed by a series of electrical contact strips or a continuous metal pneumatic tube. Due to frequent opening and closing, magnet room door shields are often damaged and are the common source of RF leakage into the room. The windows are coated with black copper mesh between two pieces of glass that are side-connected with the walls of the RF enclosure.  


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