Mediso – AnyScan S – Dual Head Gamma Camera SPECT

Gamakmera Spect Mediso

Single Head or Anyscan S with 60 PMT and General for performing all scans and scans of high weight patients (about 210 kg) and the ability to upgrade to Dual Head and Spect-CT Anyscan SC-CT .

The Anyscan S device is available in two forms of single detector and two detectors with the ability to perform cardiac scans in less than 7 minutes for dualhead and other nuclear medicine scans . The movement of the machine is fully automatic, and the collimator replacement process is done automatically with the supervision of the operator of the machine.

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NEMA Standard Specification of Spect Mediso Machine

The standard specification of NEMA is the Spect Mediso device in the Mojo D form. The device can be used to perform all nuclear medicine scans, all conventional scans such as bone, thyroid, parathyroid, dacryo, kidney, urinary tract and … It’s doable. Scan of patients with a high weight of up to 220 kg. The two-head device is Variable Angle and works in three modes of 180، 90 and 78 degrees، in 78 degrees، the detectors of the device reach the patient’s body as close as possible، which increases the quality of heart scanning.

Spect Mediso Collimators

The machine consists of 8 different series of collimators, which can be presented as follows:

(1) Low Energy High Sensitivity collimator (LEHS)
(2) Low Energy General Purpose collimator (LEGP)
(3) Low Energy High Resolution collimator (LEHR)
(4) Low Energy Ultra High Resolution collimator (LEUHR)
(5) Medium Energy General Purpose collimator (MEGP)
(6) High Energy General Purpose collimator (HEGP)
(7) Low Energy Fan Beam collimator (LEFB)
(8) High Energy Pinhole collimator (HEPH ‎)

Specifications of Medico Spect Ecosystem System:

The system is Windows base and includes a very easy user interface for device operators, the output of the images from the ecosystem system is DICOM and the ability to send on a variety of packs is available for the machine.
The device includes a wind contour on both detectors, which are used to perform a variety of scans of much higher quality and resolution for the nearest patient situation.

On the gantry a 19-inch monitor with touch screen capability, for expert use to adjust the patient’s position and see where the scans are performed, start scans such as Dacryo, Angio, etc. There are also physical calibrations embedded on it when it is next to the device.

Machine’s Process System:

The process part of the machine or the software is developed and programmed by the manufacturer, which can be processed by this software, which is completely user-friendly software and the nuclear medicine specialist can adjust all filters to do the process.
The InterView XP software that is on the system by Medisu company is capable of processing all nuclear medicine scans, and the company Medisu along with this software, Cedars, Emory and 4DM software can be provided to buyers as well.


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