Jizzak Phantom

Jaszczak Phantom

The Jaszczak Phantom or Data Spectrum ECT phantom is a commercial phantom that is used to validate geometric, 3D contrast, uniformity, resolution, attenuation and scatter correction or alignment tasks. Nuclear medicine works. The use of this phantom is very common in the medical and research centers of advanced industrial countries for the purposes of quality control (QC Quality Control), spectral and positron emission tomography (PET scan). The American College of Radiology has prescribed the use of this phantom to obtain accreditation.

The phantom was created by Ronald J. Jaszczak of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and was filed for patent in 1982. This cylindrical phantom consists of a hollow chamber filled with radioactive materials such as Technicum-99th or Flor-18. The Jizzak Phantom consists of three sections of Rods, Korean Spheres and uniformity uniformity with specified dimensions and sizes.

Examples of Jaszczak Phantom Applications:

From the Jaszczak Phantom, performance data can be obtained for either SPECT or PET systems. Using this phantom، several functional features of SPECT systems can be assessed.
While the phantom can be used for acceptance testing, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association prescribes 30 million count acquisition and section reconstructions every three months.

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Jaszczak Phantom

The Jaszczak SPECT Phantom provides consistent performance information for any SPECT or PET system.

Multiple performance characteristics of camera-based SPECT systems are evaluated from a single scan of the phantom.

On-axis and off-axis transverse line spread function may be easily measured without removing the cover plate. Measurements of full-width-half (or tenth) maximum can be readily determined, either in air or in water.

SPECT Phantom types:

SPECT Phantoms are available in two models. The Deluxe Phantom is used for high resolution cameras. The Standard Phantom is used for lower resolution cameras.

SPECIFICATIONS of the Jaszczak Phantom:

Cylinder Interior Dimensions: 8.5″ dia x 7.32″ h (21.6 x 18.6 cm)
Cylinder Wall Thickness: 0.125″ (3.2 mm)
Volume: 6.9 L
Volume with Inserts: 6.1 L
Cold Rod Insert Height: 3.46″ h (8.8 cm)
Height of Spheres from Base Plate: 5″ h (12.7 cm)


SPECIFICATIONS of the Deluxe Phantom:

Cold Rod Dimensions: 4.8 mm, 6.4 mm, 7.9 mm, 9.5 mm, 11.1 mm, 12.7 mm
Solid Sphere Diameters: 9.5mm, 12.7 mm, 15.9 mm, 19.1 mm, 25.4 mm, 31.8 mm
Shipping Weight: 15 lb (6.9 kg)
Cold Rod Dimensions: 6.4 mm, 7.9 mm, 9.5 mm, 11.1 mm, 12.7 mm, 16.0 mm
Solid Sphere Diameters: 12.7 mm, 15.9 mm, 19.1 mm, 25.4 mm, 31.8 mm, 38 mm

The Jaszczak Phantom is used for:

– System performance valuation of:
Collimator, Artifacts, Calibration, and Reconstruction Parameters
– Acceptance testing
– Routine quality, assurance and control
– Evaluation of:
– Center-of-rotation ( COR ) error
– Non-uniformity artifact
– Changes of radius-of-rotation on spatial resolution
– Reconstruction filters on spatial resolution
– Attenuation and scatter compensation
– Single slice volume sensitivity
– Total system volume sensitivity
– Lesion detectability


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