Digirad- Cardius

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The Digirad Cardius line of cardiac cameras feature solid-state detectors, which are lighweight, rugged and extremely compact. The Cardius is available in a single (C1), dual (C2), or triple (C3) head configuration and can be supplied as either a fixed-site or mobile solution. Specifically designed for cardiac SPECT imaging, the compact design allows installation within a 7’ x 8’ room. This Cardius system includes a Segami Mirage processing workstation with automatic motion correction technology. Optional programs include 4DM SPECT, Cedars-Sinai QGS/QPS and Emory Cardiac Toolbox.
• Upright design simplifies patient egress and maximizes comfort
• Compact design for minimal space requirements (7′ x 8′)
• Optimized for cardiac imaging for simple patient set-up
• Rectangular 212mm x 158mm FOV
Available Options
• Mobile or Fixed configuration
• Legacy or XPO Detectors
• Convenience Devices
• Extended Warranties
• Fully Equipped Hot Lab
• New Cardiac Gate
• Patient Comfort Devices
• Printers
• Professional Accreditation Support Services (PASS)
• Software Add-Ons
• Uninterruptible Power Supply


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