A specialized gamma-chema scan device that will be taken from the heart sitting
This system has a good image resolution due to the PMTs’ position, which according to the claims made by the manufacturer, this resolution of images is often clearer than PET scan images. Also، this system has higher contrast compared to the Spect gamma-camra devices with flat due to the shape and manner of the heart in the visual area.
System Advantages:
– Low motor artifact: Considering that the patient is sitting down to perform the scan، the scan will have the least movement during the scan، which along with no shoulder pain to hold the hands up during the heart scan in this device، will cause the patient to move less during the scan.
Due to the PMT layout in this system (CardiArc®)، the heart scan time is between 2-4 minutes compared to the usual system that takes 10-20 minutes.
This system is suitable for patients with very high weight due to the need to lie down on the bed.
– Due to collecting information from the patient (taking images) simultaneously from all angles, the final reconstructed images will have the least effects of movement.
– In this system، due to the fact that the patient does not enter into the gantry for scanning، the fear of closed places will not occur to the patient.
Disadvantages of the device (CardiArc®):
No scans other than heart scans.

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Room size
–Minimum 6 x 7 ft. (1.8 x 2.1 m)
–Typical 8 x 10 ft
Camera Footprint 46.3 x 54.8 in. / 117 x 139 cm
Total Camera Weight 1,460 lbs. / 664 kg
Floor Loading (without patient) 39.6 lbs./in. sq. / 2.8 kg/cm sq.
Patient Imaging Chair
Maximum Patient Weight 400lbs. / 182 kg
Vertical Travel 7.1 in. / 18 cm
Power Requirements
120/220V @ 15A; dedicated circuit breaker
Power consumption
–Maximum 350 watts
–Typical less than 100 watts
Operating Temperature
–Range 60ºf to 80ºf / 16ºc to 27ºc
–Maximum variation 10ºf / 5.5ºc per hour
Humidity 30% – 80% non-condensing
Max heat dissipation 2,400 BTU / hr. (853 from computer)

Additional information

Weight 664 kg
Dimensions 139 × 117 × 130 cm


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