Brest Disk

Burst Disk

Burt Disk is a safety disc related to cryogenic gas discharge for a superconducting magnet, especially for connecting the MRI machine’s liquid helium tank valve to the atmospheric or open air valve for the MRI machine superconducting magnet in case of a sudden increase in the refrigeration gas pressure caused by the sudden evaporation of liquid helium. If you want to buy a Burst Disk, you should read this article. Our experts in ScanTeb are able to provide you with the best products and advice in the field of buying Brest Disk MRI.

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Reasons for Burst Disk

The importance of brest discs can be fully understood from the liquid helium segment. In that section, we explained that the coil of an MRI machine is immersed in liquid helium. The liquid helium temperature is approximately -269 °C. This temperature is unimaginable to us. Now suppose the temperature inside the MRI tank rises to -250 degrees Celsius for just a few moments. It’s still very, very cold, but not for liquid helium. As a result of this change in the momentary temperature, part of liquid helium suddenly turns into gas.

This helium gas is trapped inside a closed helium tank. To reduce the pressure inside the MRI magnet, a safety valve is built, which can be adjusted by arm-closing the pressure of the gas inside the magnet. As a result, by reducing the pressure of the magnet, it prevents any serious danger or injury.

Burt Disk

But with the drain valve, what is the need for a burst disk? Now imagine that because of a problem suddenly the temperature inside the magnet suddenly rises. This increase in temperature can be due to a variety of reasons. For example, the cooling system does not work properly or the power of the appliance is suddenly cut off. At this moment, an undesirable incident occurs, the specialized term is Quench. Once the MRI machine is crunched، it is no longer possible to stop the sudden evaporation of helium.

But an MRI quench can increase the pressure momentarily up to 200 times. This sudden increase in pressure can lead to a fatal explosion. The makers of the MRI machine have taken a look at preventing this unfortunate incident at critical moments. Burst Disk can be lifesaving at this moment. An explosion disc is a circular disk composed of two inner and outer rings. The inner ring is thinner and acts in such a way that when the pressure on the back of the plate exceeds a bit, the inner plate suddenly breaks and the way out of the helium gas discharge pipe is opened.

So it became clear what a brest disc or explosive disc would have in an MRI machine. According to the description, Burst Disk is a one-time use. This means that when the Quinch happens, a new Brest disc needs to be purchased.
If you want to buy Burst Disk, you need to send your model to scan medicine to send the best and highest quality Brest disk for your device in the shortest possible time.


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