0.4 Tesla XGY

MRI Printer 0.4 Tesla XGY

Permanent XGY MRI machine is one of the most used systems in the world with a high number of installations in the world. This system is available with different magnetic fields in different ranges.
Considering the capabilities mentioned for the permanent MRI machines regarding the 0.4 Tesla XGY MRI, all of these capabilities can be mentioned. We will continue to review the technical specifications of the permanent MRI machine and sample MRI images.
The XGY 0.4 Tesla MRI machine magnet is wrapped in a C-shape, which makes the patient not afraid of the inside of the MRI and feels more comfortable during the scan.

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Technical Specifications of XGY 0.4 Tesla ( OPER – 0.4T ) System


Type: Permanent magnet, eddy current free, open C type & self-temperature control
Field strength: 0.4T±3%
Field homogeneity: <±2ppm(FWHH)/20cm DSV
<2ppm(VRMS)/40cm DSV
Active shim: <±1ppm(FWHH)/20cm spherical surface DSV
<±2ppm(VRMS)/40cm spherical surface DSV Vertical gap distance: 40cm

Gradient system

Field strength: single axis 18mT/m, effective 30.6mT/m
Slew rate: single axis 55mT/m/ms, effective 93.5mT/m/ms
Linearity: 40cm*40cm*38cm ellipsoid<5%

RF transmitting & receiving system

Type of transmitter & receiver: Digital
Frequency range: DC-22MHZ Maximum receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHZ Pre-amplifier: gain 30dB
Noise figure: 0.3dB RF amplifier: ≥6kw
RF transmitting coil: panel transmitting coil
RF receiving coil: quadrature coil

Auto pre-scan function

Auto RF correction, auto frequency lock, auto gain, auto coil identification, auto coil tuning, active shim

Image specifications

Image types: T1 weighted image, T2 weighted image, T2* weighted image, PD weighted image, diffusion weighted image, fat suppressed image, water suppressed image, Magnetic resonance hygrograph (MRCP MRM MRU), MRA
Field of view: 40mm-400mm


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