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اسفند 17
پزشکی هسته ای ساری (معرفی 3 مرکز)

پزشکی هسته ای ساری یکی از مواردی است که کاربران زیادی به اسکن طب درخواست معرفی آن را…

اسفند 10
بهترین رادیولوژی های تهران + 10 مرکز برتر رادیولوژی

بهترین رادیولوژی های تهران شاید در نگاه اول یکی از چالشی ترین لیست برترین ها در اسکن…

بهمن 28
Ultrasound in Islamshahr

Ultrasound in Islamshahr for residents of neighborhoods in the south of Tehran and…

بهمن 26
Ultrasound at home

Home ultrasound is the same as conventional ultrasound. But why is ultrasound possible…

بهمن 23
CT scan in Kerman (Introducing 11 centers)

In order to perform CT scan in Kerman, you need to know the important centers and…

بهمن 19
Ultrasound Price (1401 tariff)

Ultrasound has been prevalent in the world for several years, especially among…

بهمن 13
Kerman Ultrasound (Introducing the Top 5 Ultrasound Centers in Kerman)

Ultrasound is the most widely used, easiest and safest medical imaging device. You…

بهمن 11
M.R.A. Kerman

Usually, everyone in life deals with himself or an acquaintance at least once to the…

بهمن 08
Best Ultrasound Centers in Qom (Top 5 Centers)

Choosing a suitable ultrasound center has a significant effect on the test results,…

بهمن 05
M.R.A. Qom

M.R.A. Qom If you are a resident of Qom city and you plan to take the M.R.A. of Qom,…

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