About Us

About Scan Medicine:

Scan medicine is a specialized reference for medical imaging in Iran that reviews medical imaging equipment, requirements, types of medical scans, online turn-overs, buying and selling medical imaging equipment and spare parts, consulting and reviewing medical imaging requirements.

The mission of medical scan is to introduce equipment, medical imaging centers, consulting in the construction and design of the site and medical imaging centers, patient education and referral, and introducing quality centers in this field to patients.

Medical imaging centers can provide their services to visitors to this website throughout the country, and patients can easily get scans through a very easy interface through the site.

Why medical scans?

Medical scan as a comprehensive and specialized medical imaging platform provides medical imaging services to centers and patients, which can definitely be mentioned as unique. Below we will mention some of these services.

The specialized team of scan medicine is proud to announce that for the first time in the country, it has succeeded in designing, implementing and implementing the online medical imaging platform in a comprehensive and focused manner. The online medical imaging platform not only eliminates the difficult process of receiving appointments for patients altogether, but also facilitates the work of the respected admission and treatment staff in various hospital imaging centers. This will help to increase the efficiency of these centers.

Services and benefits of medical scans for patients:

  • Complete training of patients with how to perform scans, prerequisites for scanning, follow-up process of receiving scan response
  • Reducing the patient’s presence in the center to the minimum possible time by eliminating unnecessary patient presences
  • Remove the patient’s commute to the center to take turns and get a scan response
  • Ability to correspond patient with imaging center in the context of the turn panel
  • Get quick and online scans in different cities across the country
  • Online guidance to patients in different ways to communicate with site support
  • The ability to get online scan answers through centers that are members of the online scan panel.
  • Medical scan support for patients and guidance on how to book an appointment

Medical scanning services and benefits for imaging centers:

Medical imaging centers, joining the largest and most specialized platform and medical imaging group in Iran, benefit from medical scanning services. In the following, we will look at the possibilities of the medical scanning platform for the centers.

  • Removing paper brochures to educate patients and reduce the cost of the center
  • Introducing specialized and subspecialty services of imaging centers in the web world
  • Deleting the print of scan reports and sending electronic answers and images to the patient
  • Ability to share the answers of scans by the center to other medical centers and patients in DICOM format, photos and PDF files
  • Eliminate website design fees and annual renewals, support and internet services for startups and even crowded centers
  • Direct connection of online appointment booking system to hospital appointment system
  • Full training of admission and treatment staff by the specialist team of medical scans and 24-hour support to the centers for online appointment
  • Possibility of turning to patients using the application, software and website of medical scan by the admission department